The Ubiquitous Blogger

Well blog fans, it’s been a hot minute.

I’m sorry to say that my blog has taken a bit of a back burner position the past few weeks, er, months. Just when I vowed to keep it new and fresh, my intentions fell short. I often feel like a human ping-pong ball. I travel (mostly by foot) all over the city of Boston, training, teaching and spreading fitness cheer. I sometimes feel like I am everywhere at the same time…except in front of my computer. I won’t bore you with excuses ~ I don’t usually accept them when people give them to me (especially the lame ones), so I’ll just let you know what kinds of things I’ve been up to since you last heard from me.

I’ve Been….Cooking! There’s just something about the winter months that makes me want to be near my stove. I haven’t been reinventing any wheels in my kitchen, but my Favorites Bar on my computer is overflowing with amazing recipes from other bloggers that are too tasty (and healthy and easy!) to keep to myself.

……..This quiche  by the Freckled Foodie is incredible. It’s fast, filling and healthy and it’s perfect both for when you’re lounging with the newspaper on a Sunday morning or when you’re running out the door pre-dawn on a Wednesday. One entire quiche will last you almost a week and I never seem to get sick of it.

……..And holy guacamole, this cauliflower crust pizza will knock your socks off. It’s not a replacement for real pizza and you won’t take a bite and immediately think you’re walking through Little Italy, but it is awesome. Add some healthy veggies and protein and it’s-a-dinner!

…….These ground pork and apple sliders are from one of my favorite cookbooks by Everyday Paleo author, and my virtual yoda/girl crush, Sarah Fragoso. The recipe isn’t on her website, so I found it on another blog, and copied it here. They make for a very quick, easy and healthy mid-week dinner. I like to pair them with sweet potato fries for a complete meal that makes me feel like I’m indulging in pub food.

I’ve been…Working Out! Somewhat goes with the territory of working as a personal trainer, right? But since you’ve heard from me last, I’ve added more yoga to my routine, something I have always practiced but have let fall by the wayside from time to time. I really like a new studio that recently opened in Boston called Karma Yoga Studios. They have great classes (at very convenient times) and I really enjoy the calm, non-competitive atmosphere that can sometimes be a hard find. When I don’t have time for a class, I jump onto YouTube and search for 20,30 or 45 minute yoga, roll out my mat and get my Warrior on in my living room. Physically, yoga is highly beneficial to my overall strength, flexibility and balance. Mentally, I love the clear-headed feeling I achieve after my class or video.

I’ve been…Teaching! I’ve joined a new Spinning studio! Pursuit offers intense classes on a weekly basis and donates a portion of its proceeds every month to a different charity. I’ve been having so much fun getting to know the clients and pedaling my heart out. If you’re in town, check me out on Monday nights!

I’ve been…Training! I’ve saved the last activity for the one I do, and love, the most. Since the beginning of the year I have been so fortunate to add some incredible people to my roster. I am consistently inspired by their commitment and even taken aback by their focus and dedication to a healthy life. More and more I have been spending a lot of time, especially at the beginning, discovering what my clients’ lives look like the other 23 hours in the day. How their job is affecting their health, what they’re putting in their mouth, why they’re putting what they’re putting in their mouth, what is stressing them out, and what makes them truly happy. I don’t ask questions to make conversation. I dig in to find out what motivates people, what path they’ve traveled and how I can help them become a healthier human. Because let’s face it, life is far more than just your jean size.

With that, I leave you and I promise to be a more vigilant blogger, and provide you with some great ideas on how to live a healthier life. Maybe I should hire a blogging personal trainer. Let me know if you know any good ones.

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